I have had the privilege of working with some very clever people recently as we have contributed to improvements in Volunteer Onboarding for the Tasmania Fire Service. Justin Collins is a real people person and a great guy to head up Vision42, who I worked for. Justin assembled a team to look at onboarding. I was there for several weeks, and got to work with Stacey Woods who is a change management specialist. Stacey has a wonderful depth of knowledge in change management and appreciates my approach to holistic business modelling, which works so well with change management.

I suggested some of the data we assembled would look great in Power BI, and Justin pulled in a Power BI specialist to make the results yet more relatable for management.

I am impressed with the quality of people that Justin Collins surrounds himself with, and the obvious passion and commitment is the people in the fire service. I am looking forward to recommencing my work with the Fire Service next week, as I start to look at some of the initiatives we identified in the previous phase.

I used ADONIS from Bocgroup for my business modelling at Tas Fire and it has been very fit for purpose and productive, allowing me to run ‘live modelling’ workshops where we primarily work on a live instance grv business model, which includes strategic intent, risks and problems, business processes, organisation, documents and applications.

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