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The Process Expert helps Tasmanian and Australian mainland organisations with business transformation. I work with senior management and operational staff to identify and target problems with a strategic, framework oriented approach that provides ongoing value to my customers.

I work closely with my clients. Feedback constantly shows they appreciate the skills, focus and consistency of an expert consultant. Results speak for themselves!

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Focus: Customer Service Excellence
FOCUS: Operational Efficiency
FOCUS: Rapid Value!!!
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Customer Success Stories

Tasmania Police, 20th September 2023

The Process Expert was called in to create a Business Process Model of ‘current state’ business processes. I spent over ten weeks assisting the project in capturing the business processes, organisation and roles, documents, risks and problems, goals and opportunities, It was a fascinating deep-dive into the world of crime scenes and forensics! Here are some highlights from a review:

"Stephen maintains a high degree of professionalism at all times and has proven to be an excellent communicator..."
Business Process Models
"Stephen's proficiency in obtaining a high-level understanding of the department's operations and dissecting them to create various business process models is of an exceptionally high standard…."
Extensive Skillset
"Stephen possesses an extensive skillset and clearly demonstrates his expertise in business process modelling using BPMN. His engagement with DPFEM subject matter experts (SMEs) has consistently met extremely high standards, enabling him to analyse, document, and create complex process diagrams effectively..."
Stakeholder Management
"Stephen's proficiency in stakeholder management has been a pleasure to witness. His willingness to revisit processes until the SMEs were comfortable with the result is commendable and reflects a high level of commitment. Stephen possesses a calm demeanour and an excellent skillset for engaging with stakeholders to extract and document business processes and requirements effectively. Stephen demonstrated exceptional abilities in utilising his high-level consultation skills to mediate between business stakeholders..."
Expertise in BPMN
"Stephen's expertise in BPMN, approach to business process modelling, stakeholder management skills, and consultation abilities have consistently had a positive impact on the project. He is an outstanding candidate for any future positions. I would not hesitate to engage Stephen for future Business Analysis appointments."
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We thoroughly recommend bringing in a process expert like Steve to encourage alternative thinking and mitigate confirmation bias. When considering digital transformation innovation and adaptability is key. We reached out to Steve to help us foster a more open-minded and adaptable environment. This involved assessing our application architecture and promoting a learning culture through open dialogue and scenario planning utilising BPMN notation. We have been able to comfortably explore alternatives and have confidence that these approaches will drive meaningful advancements.
Joanne Postlewaithe
Manager Community Recovery, Buloke Shire Council
I worked with Steve in a couple of projects when I was in Australia, and I saw the quality of him doing business process analysis, BPMN diagramming and integration design; it was a pleasure to work with him!
Ivan Moyano
Consultant Software Engineer
Steve has made a real difference during to the implementation process of Monitor CRMS for Central Goldfields Shire. His feedback has initiated several improvements in both the functional design and the customer support process. His focussed attention to detail and the understanding of both technology and its application in the Economic Development space has been a key driver in the implementation of Monitor CRMS.
Hans-Karel Foss
Head of Software Engineering, Monitor CRMS
I enjoyed very much working with Steve. He brought considerable expertise but more importantly he listened carefully and thought about the needs of our ministry before suggesting solutions. Steve constantly displayed professionalism and integrity in every aspect of his work. I have no hesitation in recommending Steve.
Grant Kennedy
Projects Manager, UCB Asia Pacific


Addressing Your Needs

Your Needs

I use leading, up to date analysis methods to analyse your business

I Work With You To Understand

Strategy / Strengths & Opportunities / Weaknesses, Risks & Problems / Your Desires & Plans For Change

My Capabilities

I add significant value to your business transformation projects
Stakeholder Management / Interviews / Planning / Methods / Frameworks / Notations


Providing Great Value

Expert Knowledge

My expert knowledge extends to BPMN and UML, Enterprise Business Architecture concepts and tooling, CRM, Service Management design, business process design and automation, semantic layers, service bus requirements, integration design and more


I help bring clarity to your initiatives. Experience from helping significant organisations gives me a head-full of business patterns that can be very useful!


From clarity comes direction. I can help you sort through risks and problems, goals and opportunities and accordingly prioritise initiatives to help you achieve strategic goals


My approach is agile and pragmatic. I help you focus on low-hanging fruit and processes that deliver the most benefit

Speed of Delivery

I help rapid delivery of benefit in a practical sense: defining and socialising processes, implementing process automation. integration of systems and getting dashboards going to give you insight into process performance.


International standards can be important to organisations. Adoption of good standards aids communication, interoperability and application lifecycle replacements.




How I engage with you on a win-win basis to realise your goals

Good Things Come In Threes!

EXPLORATION: Your Needs, Your Plans
ASSIGNMENT: Cultural Alignment, Service Alignment, Skill Requirements, Terms of Engagement
DELIVERY: Startup, Verification, Producing Value

* Engagements are about change
* change is about people
* people are about relationships and trust


Why The Process Expert

Architectural Mind

Architectural Mind

Knowing how things fit together is the basis of an architectural mind. With building architecture, it's materials, textures, colours etc. With business, it's business patterns, components, value flows, information concepts and more



I work with both business and technology strategy, and am keen to demonstrate strategic alignment of change initiatives.

Lateral Thinker

Lateral Thinker

'out of the box' thinking is in some ways a gift. I thjink we are born with it. I'll be considering a situation and "pop!"something comes to my mind that can be quite important

People Friendly

People Friendly

I really enjoy meeting people, hearing about their personal view on organisational, process and information problems and opportunities. Getting to the bottom of things with operational staff can provide some wonderful insights

Senior Management Expertise

Senior Management Expertise

I am comfortable working at senior management and even board level. I have presented information and proposals that have influenced organisations a number of times over the years

Trust and Integrity

Trust and Integrity

I operate on relationship, provision of value, going the extra mile, keeping close ties and building and maintaining mutual trust




I am comfortable and productive with interviews. Interview subjects say they are comfortable talking to me, and I have repeatedly been told I am very good at interviewing staff.

Stakeholder Management

Being able to relate to, understand and negotiate with stakeholders is vital to programs and projects. Understanding the responsibilities they have, where they fit in the organisation and how they communicate is vital to operating amongst stakeholders.


I help you prioritise work according to strategic alignment, benefit, investment, risk, external depandenceis and other crieria


Methods, principles and tools are important to good consulting. Knowing how to approach a customer's need, how to analyse and document it, and how to provide value for change management are all things that occupy my mind


Having a basic grasp of various frameworks informs thinking. Being able to appreciate different ways of looking at things, classifying data and linking framework artifacts together provides a great boost to the usefulness of information



I am expert with BPMN 2.0. I commented on the first draft from a holistic modelling perspective. I use UML for organisation, information, event, location and other models if the tool I am using does not have in-built capabilities. I also have exposure to DMN and CMN.


The Process Expert's Approach

  • Do you want a consultant who is able to start exactly where you are?
  • Are you interested in a journey of self-realisation, during which you may see your processes, problems and opportunities clearly for the first time?
  • Do you value a consultant who keeps an eye on Strategic Alignment, helping you achieve your ultimate goals
TPE framework sycle
connecting to your business strategy is a vital step in getting your performance right in the areas you have chosen to focus on. If you are not certain of your strategy, I will help you get it right!
people, dynamics, processes, applications & technologies, problems too!
strategy, opportunities, value disciplines, business process models, application architecture
organisation, culture, KPIs, workflows, business process design, business process automation, application integration, process based training!
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My Consulting Value Chain

Analyse & Document Your Business

From tactical to strategic; from process focused to a full business architecture approach

Train Your Team

AIM: get your team unified and productive using the latest diagrams and methods

Improve Your Act

AIM: realise business process improvements in areas of Operational Efficiency and Customer Service Excellence.

Unify Your Systems

AIM: business process automation in the cloud is very cool and productive technology!

Get Your Eagle's Eyes

AIM: get visibility your operations, know when there are incidents; when things are running late; or you’re not producing enough

This is a general path or maturity that organisations generally aspire to. Where you start and what you want to achieve depends on your business strategy and how your organisation is currently placed. I offer strategic consulting to help your organisation confirm its roadmap, set plans in place and find both low-hanging fruit and strategic gains.

There is a revolution going on with Business Process platforms, NO-CODE composable business applications and AI. Just look at Gartner Group, Meta Groups and other analysts to see how important these technologies will be to enable you in realising your business plans! Contact me for a free consultation to start getting on top of your strategic business goals!


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The Process Expert helps Tasmanian and Australian mainland organisations with business transformation, focusing on Customer Service Excellence & Operational Efficiency. I work with senior management and operational staff to identify and target problems with a strategic, framework oriented approach that provides ongoing value to my customers.

I work closely with my clients. Feedback constantly shows they appreciate the skills, focus and consistency of an expert consultant. Results speak for themselves!

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Steve Barnes
The Process Expert
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