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Several customers along the way of my consulting life have demonstrated genuine surprise that I am able to understand their business and problem landscape so quickly. I guess it comes down to having what I call 'a head full of business patterns!

A 'head full of business patterns'

Business is 80% normative

An industry is 90% normative

When I engage with your business, I am carrying a lot of intellectual property that helps me understand things fast, and I will often get to root causes quickly because I have seen similar processes and problems elsewhere.

That means I have a good start on options for solutions too!


Some Industries I Have Helped




fire service




Economic Development

Council Planning Department



Web Development










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Transformation Services

These services are available Australia wide. I am based in Launceston, Tasmania, but like many management consultants I fly interstate for initial workshops, key meetings and important delivery and training commitments. I also work over Teams, Zoom Google Meet and other platforms, making collaboration with you so much easier!




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I am based in Launceston, Tasmania., I am familiar with the government, NGO and business landscape of Launceston and Tasmania in general. I have many years experience in business in Melbourne, regional Victoria, Brisbane and Sydney. I combine this local and regional insight with global best practices to deliver solutions that are both relevant and effective. My approach includes:


Success Stories

Tasmania Police, 20th September 2023

"Stephen maintains a high degree of professionalism at all times and has proven to be an excellent communicator..."
Business Process Models
"Stephen's proficiency in obtaining a high-level understanding of the department's operations and dissecting them to create various business process models is of an exceptionally high standard…."
Extensive Skillset
"Stephen possesses an extensive skillset and clearly demonstrates his expertise in business process modelling using BPMN. His engagement with DPFEM subject matter experts (SMEs) has consistently met extremely high standards, enabling him to analyse, document, and create complex process diagrams effectively..."
Stakeholder Management
"Stephen's proficiency in stakeholder management has been a pleasure to witness. His willingness to revisit processes until the SMEs were comfortable with the result is commendable and reflects a high level of commitment. Stephen possesses a calm demeanour and an excellent skillset for engaging with stakeholders to extract and document business processes and requirements effectively. Stephen demonstrated exceptional abilities in utilising his high-level consultation skills to mediate between business stakeholders..."
Expertise in BPMN
"Stephen's expertise in BPMN, approach to business process modelling, stakeholder management skills, and consultation abilities have consistently had a positive impact on the project. He is an outstanding candidate for any future positions. I would not hesitate to engage Stephen for future Business Analysis appointments."
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We thoroughly recommend bringing in a process expert like Steve to encourage alternative thinking and mitigate confirmation bias. When considering digital transformation innovation and adaptability is key. We reached out to Steve to help us foster a more open-minded and adaptable environment.
Joanne Postlewaithe
Manager Community Recovery, Buloke Shire Council, Victoria, Australia
Steve has made a real difference during to the implementation process of Monitor CRMS for Central Goldfields Shire... His focussed attention to detail and the understanding of both technology and its application in the Economic Development space has been a key driver in the implementation of Monitor CRMS.
Hans-Karel Foss
Head of Software Engineering, Monitor CRMS, Australia

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Steve Barnes
The Process Expert


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The Process Expert helps Tasmanian and Australian mainland organisations with business transformation, focusing on Customer Service Excellence & Operational Efficiency. I work with senior management and operational staff to identify and target problems with a strategic, framework oriented approach that provides ongoing value to my customers.

I work closely with my clients. Feedback constantly shows they appreciate the skills, focus and consistency of an expert consultant. Results speak for themselves!

Steve Barnes is The Process Expert. Based in Launceston, Tasmania I primarily serve Launceston and region, Hobart, Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane. My services include management workshops. live visual modelling sessions, enterprise business architecture, business analysis, business process analysis, business process architecture, application architecture, application integration, integration  design, hyper-automation, workflow automation, business process automation.

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Steve Barnes
The Process Expert
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