Connecting the dots in business isn't always easy, so here's a look at complexities from an executive point of view

Choosing applications and the way they fit together is hard stuff!

Agreeing on and defining processes is harder than most think!

Wouldn't it be good if someone really understood this stuff?
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There are always challenges for management!

Strategic alignment is tough!

knowing for sure they are strategically aligned is less easy

KPIs are a mystery

understanding the way KPIs and other measures relate to processes may as well be black magic

process mapping is fragmented

being sure their processes are deliberately designed to support business strategy is just about impossible


And then there's the matter of DATA!

Could you prepare your organisation to take on a 'Service Bus' with your data modeled correctly?

Are you capable of creating a data model for your organisation?

Could you implement a Semantic Layer and Data Intelligence?
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Dear Manager,

I have a few questions for you:

  • Do your applications serve your organisation appropriately?
  • do they expose you to operational risks?
  • where do they overlap or leave gaps?
This is my territory - I can help you!

Steve Barnes
The Process Expert


Why Does It Hurt?

There is actually a lot to think about as we try to stitch the Customer Personas and Customer Journey together with the functions. They are almost like the buns on the top and bottom of the hamburger. There can be a lot of filling in between! There is also some serious value-add that can happen to connect the way an organisation sees its with its operations! 

FLOW OF VALUE across departments, localities and other silos 
INTERACTIONS between departments, positions, roles etc.
COOPERATION between different roles to provide value
COLLABORATING a sequence of activities amongst roles with business rules, events, information stores, documents. locations and applications.
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Build Your Own 'Business Burger'

There are a number of methods available to help define these things, but I am going to show you my favourites. I do not use all of these all the time, but I consistently use some of them all the time! Make your own recipe from available standards, but you must bridge gaps, communicate effectively and provide/increase value. 

There are a number of ingredients to get your business burger right, but…

You basically decide what you want on your business burger to make it happen!


I stitch together strategy, business processes, applications, organisation, data and more, using world leading modelling software that provides enormous insight into your operations.

You can call me to chat, have me consult and mentor, work on a project or help with business architecture. It's your call.

This is my territory and I can help you!

Steve Barnes
The Process Expert


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The Process Expert helps Tasmanian and Australian mainland organisations with business transformation, focusing on Customer Service Excellence & Operational Efficiency. I work with senior management and operational staff to identify and target problems with a strategic, framework oriented approach that provides ongoing value to my customers.

I work closely with my clients. Feedback constantly shows they appreciate the skills, focus and consistency of an expert consultant. Results speak for themselves!

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