Nine Out Of Ten Businesses Struggle With Business Bugs!

Nine out of ten SMEs struggle with mix-ups from phone calls, having to rectify things gone wrong, needing to enter information into multiple applications (and making mistakes in doing so) and just having no real feeling for the overall logical processes that drive their business.

These businesses lose face to customers when things get delayed or go wrong; they lose money because they don’t have the environment and assistance to be truly productive; and product quality can suffer when the pressure is on and there is insufficient visibility of the process for management.

We fortunately live in a remarkable time where process improvement experts can help you shape your business operations, pinning down how things should be done and making that constantly front of mind for staff; measuring and improving problem areas, and giving management never before experienced visibility and insight into their business operations.

Business is NOT straight forward!

Many business owners think their business is relatively straight forward; yet they repeatedly waste time and energy fixing incidents gone wrong, trying to make things happen faster; pouring extra time into projects and customers because of issues. 

Is there a better way to go about business? What about a way that:

  1. helps preserve your sanity, gets things done more consistently and on time
  2. services your customers better and keeps them close by building genuine relationship instead of putting out fires
  3. provides better outcomes for product and service quality, making your business stand out as a quality provider

It can be done. One thing you need is an expert to work ON your business with you because you’re spending so much time working IN your business that you’re just not seeing the problems and opportunities clearly. You’re not alone; nine out of ten business owners feel like this!

Enter "The Process Expert"

The Process Expert focuseses on Business Process Improvement, and services Ballarat, Melbourne and other Australian and New Zealand businesses. Basically I cover all major cities on the eastern coast of Australia plus New Zealand. I’ve also been to Singapore and the USA in times past, and would consider assignments further afield if warranted.

MISSION: The Process Expert helps your business gain Operational Efficiency and better your Customer Service.

FOCUS: Operational Efficiency ~ Customer Service Excellence

The Process Expert's Approach

The Process Expert’s unique approach is able to start exactly where you are; wherever you are! I’ll lead you on a journey of self-realisation, maybe seeing the processes, problems and opportunities clearly for the first time. I’m keen on Strategic Alignment, and my holistic approach to business modelling links all operational dimensions to strategy, providing an ultra-clear picture of where problems and opportunities exist.

The Design Difference

I saw in a recent LinkedIn article that business that are founded on design principles are by far the most effective and productive. “Business By Design” is in fact an emerging discipline for startups and many large organisations are now reviewing their organisation, processes, information, locations, systems and more in light of business strategy; the thought being that everything we do must be strategic and deliberate. There’s no room for waste! That too is where the LEAN methodology comes in. I’m so glad to see these disciplines getting more recognition, as I’ve worked like this since about 2002!

The Improvement Journey

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The improvement journey for any functioning business has top start with a good understanding of current operations, including organisation and culture which can have a massive influence on how the journey of improvement is best commenced.

An experienced Business Architect or Business Process Improvement professional will normally see opportunities for improvement in the first few days spent taking in an area of business operations. The immediately obvious isn’t always the best place to start though; nor is “Low Hanging Fruit”, which is the easy and productive changes.  

If business improvement is going to go well in your business, you must consider how the change will affect attitudes and culture; how it will affect all levels of management as well as the workers involved in the processes in question.

The Journey of Improvement is however well worth setting out on. Indeed, competition from multi-nationals, imports and remote service provision is so significant that your business must engage in this activity as a matter of not just prospering, but long term survival.

Take a look at our Improvement Value Chain to get more insight. It details more about Documenting Your Business; Training Your Team; Improving Your Act; Unifying Processes and Systems via Process Automation and Gaining Eagle Eyes via a Business Dashboard.

Where to start?

You may have a pressing need or problem area you want addressed, which governs where I start; but if you don’t then mapping your business operations frequently highlights areas for investigation and even starts the list of opportunities for positive change. Where we start change is up to you, but ‘bang for buck’ will give us some good clues as to candidates. Linking your operations to your business strategy is a wonderful way to gain control and set priorities too. We’ll certainly make recommendations in fairly short order, but first let me show you some of 

You Want to Start?

Thanks for seeing how I can help. If your ready to contact me, then call me in Australia (+61) 0423 311 839 on GMT+10 time zone or email me via the form below. I’ll be sure to answer soon and help you start the marvellous and interesting journey of getting control of and improving your business operations!

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