Google have just increased their Workspace Business Standard offering from $16.80/month to $20.16/month. That is a twenty percent increase, which is significant.

It is not just Google though, other products and services are raising fees too. We live in a time where inflation is making a significant showing despite the reserve banks around the world trying to control it.

Companies are thus faced with either passing on the cost increases to clients and risking the loss of customers, particularly if their products and services are a luxury or if the competition’s prices remain stable.

What Will You Do?

What will you do to maintain your profit margin and survive as a business? If you choose to keep pricing stable due to competition or regulations, you only have cost of goods and services sold to work on.

Operational Efficiency Is The Key

If you need to get better control over your processes in order to reduce resource usage, variations and elapsed time, then you need to start modelling your processes. I am not talking about a Visio diagram. I am talking about holistic modelling of Organisation, Processes, Information, Locations and Events and being able to allocate costs to roles. 

The other opportunity is business process automation. This will revolutionize your organisation, and I know how to do it. 

Model > Design > Execute

The trick to real business transformation is the link between the modelling and execution. The Process Expert understands this and operates in this space. I am based in Hobart, Tasmania and operate primarily in south-eastern Australia (Hobart, Melbourne and Sydney). Call me for help.

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