The SAFE Agile Framework is such a good thing. Whilst my early exposure to Agile was encouraging as far as innovation and rapid turnaround, I also saw a disregard for architecture. An early pilot in a large organisation I was in re-wrote name and address validation when it was already available: identified in the architecture and developed as a service. That’s why architects need to be involved: to identify pieces of architecture that will ‘plug and play’ into a project, and to say “That’s a piece we should be developing for corporate benefit, standardising the business model and making available to all”.

SAFE Agile Framework - Business Agility diagram
SAFE Agile Framework - Business Agility diagram

Architecture is not irrelevant or antagonistic to Agile. It is in fact a HUGE ENABLER. You just need the right architect – one who doesn’t live in an ivory, theoretical tower; but who works proactively across all business areas, improvement initiatives and software development teams, helping to join the dots and empower people. And if you do go looking for an architect, make sure they have good process skills and a thorough, practitioner’s understanding of BPMN!

The SAFE Agile Framework is a fantastic enabler for organisations. #processmanagement #portfoliomanagement #businessprocess #businessprocessmanagement #agile #ScaledAgile

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