I would like to share some of my photos from the Hobart/Launceston/Burnie trip I did this week for the Tasmanian Fire Service and State Emergency Service. It was so interesting listening to the experience of staff in these areas. They are geographically, geologically and demographically different to Hobart. 

Although I took many notes on specialisations in process, there are perhaps more in the way of the ‘why’ we do what we do; citing unique problems locals and regional administration face; perceived opportunities and hoped for initiatives. Regional staff in a historic and diverse organisation will also have a local version of organisational history – that “goes with the territory”.

I found the people motivated, informative and supportive of the project I am helping deliver. I had a full day in Burnie, arriving the night before and leaving the day after. Here are some Burnie images:

Road To Burnie
Port of Burnie
Late Shift - Burnie docks at night
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I have used holistic business modelling techniques for this project, as is my preference. I conducted live modelling during interviews rather than just taking notes. The result is an immediate maturing of and feedback on the complete business model.

I am currently doing a scan of tools for Enterprise Business Analysis, Business Process Automation and Digital Twins, and am finding some maturity is coming to the market at last! For this assignment I am using ADONIS as it very much suits my enterprise business architecture needs and has the free version that allows a fast start when there is no capable EBA tool in place.

Could Be Campbell Town
On The Orange Rocks
Early Glimpse
An early glimpse of the mountiain range when driving south from Devonport
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