This is typically Aussie. The start of the 1971 Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race, photographed on Sydney Harbour. Some dude has got a modified car on the water!

Thinking outside the square is something very Aussie, but entrepreneurs worldwide also exhibit this skill. I identify with this.

I’m the kind of guy that often comes in once a pioneer has got something running, but it’s a bit messy. I bring order, better service and operational efficiency. This requires lateral thinking as ‘best practice’ will only deliver what everyone else is getting to do! If I am to make an organization better than its competitors, I need to think in both strategic and abstract terms. I need to consider the tensions of customer service, operational efficiency, customer intimacy and more, and help management understand WHY they should design a process in a unique way and how to MEASURE and IMPROVE that process once we have it running.

If you would like to know more about designing processes that really work, that fulfill strategic intent, that are concrete and represented in the world’s best business prices notation, BPMN, then you should talk to me. I can help you get business processes designed, review organizational structure and roles, KPIs and RACI, and then publish the business process designs so staff can see how things should really work.

BPMN is both a fabulous tool for communicating business processes and the foundation for business process automation. When you have BPMN diagrams in place, power users can set up no-code or low-code business process automation and IT can understand what they need to do if they have a part.

So call me. I’m Steve Barnes, ‘The Process Expert’

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