The Process Expert’s Cycle of Framework Development

The Process Expert’s perception of the Cycle of Framework Development is that it goes from concept through to a possibly self-inflicted death!.

Initial Adoption
Bringing with it initial buy-in
and with the ideas come people and therefore rapid enhancement
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mass adoption
and when mass adoption occurs, clarity and focus get harder due to team size and the number of voices
mass enhancement
Mass enhancement means the framework becomes complex and extensive. Seasoned practitioners benefit, but they get narrow sighted. Newcomers have to fight their way in, both to understand the framework and pick what they need form it, but also to interact with the community and find help.
Heavy weight is where most frameworks go. Six Sigma and ITIL could be considered to be examples of this, being several generations mature.
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  • Is the death of a framework self-inflicted?
  • How could they avoid this?
  • How do new frameworks get adherents from old ones?
  • Can that be emulated?
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