Nine Out Of Ten Businesses Struggle With Business Bugs!

Nine out of ten SMEs struggle with mix-ups from phone calls, having to rectify things gone wrong, needing to enter information into multiple applications (and making mistakes in doing so) and just having no real feeling for the overall logical processes that drive their business.

These businesses lose face to customers when things get delayed or go wrong; they lose money because they don’t have the environment and assistance to be truly productive; and product quality can suffer when the pressure is on and there is insufficient visibility of the process for management.

We fortunately live in a remarkable time where process improvement experts can help you shape your business operations, pinning down how things should be done and making that constantly front of mind for staff; measuring and improving problem areas, and giving management never before experienced visibility and insight into their business operations.

Enter "The Process Expert"

I’m launching a new brand which focuses on Business Process Improvement. I’m calling “The Process Expert” to address these needs; for Ballarat and Melbourne businesses, as well as those further afield.

MISSION: The Process Expert helps your business gain efficiency and better your customer service.

FOCUS: Operational Efficiency ~ Product and Service Quality ~ Customer Service Excellence

The Process Expert's Approach

Document Your Business

Document Your Business – holistic business process, organisation and information modelling. The process of figuring out what you do any why in itself can solve many issues! I’ll share briefly how I document your business and why it works so well!

Train Your Team

Train Your Team – get your team unified and productive using the latest diagrams and methods. Team training often doesn’t stick, and people put training notes in a draw and forget about them. My techniques put training and compliance front of mind, so you get what you asked for in your business operations.

Improve Your Act

Improve Your Act – it’s time for business process improvement to give you real benefits. There are multiple techniques used to help businesses improve their outcomes. One of the newer ones in LEAN. It’s a great methodology, and I take the best from it and other techniques I’ve used to give maximum benefit to SMEs.

Unify The Systems

Unify The Systems – business process automation in the cloud! You can now radically reduce the double entry and errors in your workplace! We can implement a logical process as a workflow in the cloud; handing tasks and documents around, and interacting with different cloud applications to create and retrieve important information. This is astoundingly productive, and the reduction in wasted time and errors helps you to scale your business with more confidence.

Get Your Eagle's Eyes

Get Your Eagle’s Eyes – business dashboards give you what you need to monitor your operations.


If you know anyone who has a receptionist, admin assistant or multiple sales or service staff, they will really identify with the areas I’m going to talk to, and I’ll be providing details of a 90 minute briefing coming soon at the end of my talk.

Looking forward to seeing you all tomorrow morning!

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