“BEATING THE BUSINESS BUGS” business briefings

This briefing will walk you through the value chain of activities necessary to get control of and improve your business processes. I’ll give you methods to look at and some free tools available on the web that can help you. By the end of this briefing, you’ll look at your business operations with fresh eyes, and feel more enabled to promote positive change in your organisation and processes. 

Suitable for micro-businesses through to SMEs to corporate entities.

Why this briefing? Because Nine Out Of Ten Businesses Struggle With Business Bugs!

Nine out of ten SMEs struggle with mix-ups from phone calls, having to rectify things gone wrong, needing to enter information into multiple applications (and making mistakes in doing so) and just having no real feeling for the overall logical processes that drive their business.

These businesses lose face to customers when things get delayed or go wrong; they lose money because they don’t have the environment and assistance to be truly productive; and product quality can suffer when the pressure is on and there is insufficient visibility of the process for management.

We fortunately live in a remarkable time where process improvement experts can help you shape your business operations, pinning down how things should be done and making that constantly front of mind for staff; measuring and improving problem areas, and giving management never before experienced visibility and insight into their business operations.

Learn From The Process Expert’s Approach

1. Document Your Business: How to Analyse and Document your Operations!

2. Train Your Team: The Best Way To Define and Socialise Processes

3. Improve Your Act: Business Improvement How To

4. Unify The Systems: Process Automation and System Integration

5. Get Your Eagle’s Eyes: Business Dashboards

By the end of this briefing, you’ll have a clearer focus on your business operations and how to look at improving them!

No briefings are currently planned. Please use the contact page to express interest in a briefing.

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