ADONIS-CE is a good platform and I have talked with staff before. 


ADONIS asked me for feedback on their product, which sits well with the reviews I am doing at the moment….

The BPMN notation is a bit crippled
The generated website lacks many of the connections I make in the modeller, which is really disappointing.
the object model that relates some of the entities is a bit constrained
occasional unresponsiveness
some diagrams don't allow me to arrange links which can be very frustrating
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My Ratings

Holistic Modelling Ability
BPMN 2.0 Notation
Overall Usefulness

Please bear in mind this is ot by any means an exhaustive review. Your impressions may vary from mine according to mindset, expectations and exposure. Please evaluate ADONIS-CE for yourself.

Full BPMN 2.0 notation
make the generated website show ALL the relationships (eg. problems to role or process artefact)
review your meta-model
review the meta-model against new platforms like ValueBlue and Trisotech to try and be a bit more holistic
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The full product is expensive and competition is looming. 

Despite really liking ADONIS-CE, I have not used the full commercial product due to pricing. I think ADONIS needs to reconsider market positioning and perhaps go for SMEs rather than just large businesses as awareness and tool availability is changing this landscape. 

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I appeciate your contact and will call soon

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