The Process Expert to be an expert trainer for TIBAI

I am pleased to announce I have been invited by Mohammad Abu-Hammour to be an expert trainer for the TIBAI – The International Business Agility Institute, presenting their Agile Processes and Agile Technology perspectives, which compliment other perspectives such as Agile Finance and Agile Organisation.

A long time colleague of mine, Dr. Irena Yashin-Shaw teaches for the institute, as do other distinguished academics. I am honoured to participate, and looking forward to my first sessions: Agile Technology and Agile Processes on 24th and 26th May respectively. The course attendees are senior and influential people, and I am looking forward to relating my perspectives as an expert in these fields.

I wish to thank Mohammad for inviting me to participate in this strategic and significant organisation. Their website is

If you are wanting to increase your agility, design and automate processes that better meet strategic objectives and provide a better basis for business intelligence, you should consider my ‘Tools and Frameworks for Business Transformation; course or the Holistic Business Modelling course I will soon offer. I will also be offering a BPMN Basics course that covers BPMN Level 1.0 and some of BPMN 2.0 that enhances your ability to model at a business level, providing a rich and illustrative way to analyse, notate and communicate business process designs in your organisation to facilitate business transformation.

Best regards,
Steve Barnes – ‘The Process Expert’

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